How to Play Mind Games With an Aquarius Man

How to Play Mind Games With an Aquarius Man

If you’re dating or interested in an Aquarius man, mind games can be a fun way to catch his interest or keep the spark alive.

You can use the typical personality traits of his zodiac sign to learn how he thinks and if he’s playing you.

Of course, playing unkind or manipulative mind games is hurtful and will have a negative effect on your relationship.

But some signs love the thrill of the chase and playing games like hard to get, and an Aquarius is one of those signs.

Or maybe you want to use mind games to get back at him and teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.

Either way, once you know how to read an Aquarius man, you can get into his head and beat him at his own game.

Don’t Be Intimidated

Aquarians are typically self-confident, and their dreamy nature can make them seem cold and aloof. This combination can be quite intimidating.

Don’t let an Aquarius man intimidate you. He likes being impressive, but even more than that he likes a woman who isn’t self-conscious or afraid to call him out.

If you like an Aquarius or just want to mess with his head, don’t be a wallflower. Show him you’re not afraid of him and will stand up to him if you need to.

Have a Debate

Aquarians are contrary by nature, and they love playing devil’s advocate. He will take up a viewpoint that he doesn’t even agree with just for the sake of argument.

If he picks an argument with you over something you know he doesn’t even care about, it’s a sign your Aquarius man is testing you. He wants to see if you can keep calm and banter with him.

Don’t assume that just because he disagrees with you that it’s one of the signs that an Aquarius man is not into you. In fact, it can mean the exact opposite.

It’s not that he likes to fight, it’s just that he doesn’t simply accept what someone, even an expert, tells him as fact. He needs to do all the research and see the evidence on his own before believing.

An Aquarius likes to look at an issue from all sides, and they relish in a good debate. He admires someone who can go head to head in a war of words.

If you want to know how to keep an Aquarius man hooked, show him you’re informed, opinionated, and articulate. Speak up when something is important to you, and let him know you can back up your opinions with hard facts.

Shock Him

Because Aquarians are so open-minded and good at reading people, it takes a lot to surprise them. You can mess with his head by shocking him.

If you want to shock him in a positive way, kiss him out of nowhere in an unexpected place, like in the car when you’re stopped at a red light.

If you want to give him an unpleasant surprise to mess with his head, kiss someone else right in front of him (if you’re not in a committed relationship, of course).

A big romantic surprise is how an Aquarius man shows love. If you are into him and want to shock him, do the same for him by pulling off a big romantic gesture.

Try serenading him in front of a crowded bar at karaoke night, or leaving a sweet gift for him at his doorstep. The more you can surprise him, the more he won’t be able to get you out of his head.

Outsmart Him

Aquarians are smart and value intelligence, so you will really blow his mind if you can outsmart him.

When he talks about a topic he’s interested in, show him how much you know about it, too. The more random and obscure your knowledge on the subject is, the better.

He will be even more impressed if you have a lot of knowledge about abstract or mystical things. Aquarians are interested in the bizarre and extraordinary more than reality, so these topics fascinate him.

You don’t have to share an interest to outsmart an Aquarius. You can also go toe to toe with him in a debate to flex your brainpower.

He loves a good battle of wits, so he will see your discussion as a mentally stimulating conversation rather than a fight. If he keeps coming back to talk to you more, it’s one of the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you.

Be Unpredictable and Spontaneous

Aquarians are notoriously unreliable, until or unless you are very close to them. One of an Aquarian’s favorite mind games is intentionally acting out of character just to keep you guessing.

Show your Aquarius guy that two can play that game by being just as spontaneous and unpredictable as he is. Just when he thinks he knows everything about you, show him a side of yourself he’s never seen before.

Aquarians get bored easily, so keeping him on his toes is sure to mystify and attract him.

Mirror His Behavior

When it comes to their social behavior, Aquarians can dish it out, but they can’t take it. Get under an Aquarian’s skin by noticing what he does and reflecting his actions right back at him.

This works well because he can’t call you out on it since he is doing the same things, and it demonstrates to him how his actions can affect other people.

For example, an Aquarius enjoys his freedom and doesn’t want to commit. If this bothers you, show him how it feels by acting the same way.

If he won’t commit to a monogamous relationship with you, tell him it’s fine because you want to see other people, too. Turning it back around on him and showing him what he’s missing will mess with his mind.

Ignore Him

Aquarians can be cold and aloof, and one of their weaknesses is communication. It can feel like an Aquarius is ignoring you when he goes days without talking to you and acts uninterested when you’re together.

You can play mind games with your Aquarius guy by giving him the same treatment back because he is used to people going the extra mile to make up for his communication deficiencies.

For example, if your Aquarius guy hasn’t texted you back in a few days, quit reaching out to him. To an Aquarius, your persistent attempts at communication come off as clingy and desperate.

When he finally does reach out to you, ignore him back. Wait a few days to answer him, or even until you see him in person again.

Don’t ruin it by explaining that you’re trying to teach him a lesson. Be casual and say you were just too busy to get back to him, and that he doesn’t seem to value your time and communication, anyway.

Ignoring an Aquarius man back gives him a taste of his own medicine and shows him how his sometimes careless treatment of others really feels.

Play Hard to Get

Aquarians take time before they will commit to anyone because they enjoy their freedom too much to want to settle down and be accountable to someone else.

They hate being tied down and won’t be interested in a woman who is too clingy or tries to rush him into commitment.

If you want to know how to make an Aquarius man miss you, you’ve got to give him tons of space. He won’t try to seek you out unless you give him the opportunity.

An Aquarius man is used to being the one who plays hard to get, so why not beat him at his own game? Show him that you won’t commit to just anybody, too, and you will drive him wild.

To an Aquarius, manipulative mind games don’t usually work unless you use reverse psychology. The more you act uninterested, the more he will want you.

Use Sarcasm

Aquarians have a unique sense of humor, and they aren’t afraid to be goofy or silly. They like a woman who can make them laugh and is confident enough to use self-deprecating humor.

Although they can be quite sarcastic, Aquarians may have a hard time recognizing sarcasm in others. If you want to confuse him, be just sarcastic enough that he can’t tell whether or not you’re kidding.

To pull this off, practice your poker face. When you say something sarcastic, keep your tone and expression deadpan.

If he asks whether or not you’re joking, just smile mysteriously and change the subject or walk away. This move is sure to drive him crazy as he tries to figure you out.

Don’t Show All of Your Feelings

If you want to know how to beat an Aquarius man at his own game, keep your cards close to your chest.

Although they may not appear to be paying attention, Aquarians are actually quite perceptive when it comes to reading people. You can play mind games by not showing an Aquarius how you feel.

Aquarians are uncomfortable with big displays of emotion, so you will both baffle and impress him by remaining cool, calm, and collected.

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