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How to Turn On an Aquarius Man in Bed

How to Turn On an Aquarius Man in Bed

An Aquarius man in bed has unique sensual needs. If you have hooked up with an Aquarius man, satisfying him in bed pose a whole new set of challenges.

Governed by Uranus and Saturn, the water-bearer is intellectual and thoughtful but also eccentric and unpredictable. This means pleasing an Aquarius man in bed can prove tricky.

Unlike other men, an Aquarius man does not want his bed partner to just have a great body. He is more interested in her brains, so it could actually be a match made in heaven.

When an Aquarius man invites you to his bed, the good news is that he’s already attracted to you on an intellectual level, which is much more important than superficial beauty.

Arousing an Aquarius man can actually be very rewarding once you realize that the traits that first attracted him to you can also make him happy in bed.

So all you need to do is to play your cards right and use this knowledge to your advantage.

Approach With Care


An Aquarius man approaches his relationships with caution. This means he will not rush into bed with you but will bide for the right time.

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is to go with the flow. If he is not in the mood for intimacy, pushing him will not gain you anything.

Instead, be ready for a cold and aloof attitude if you act too needy. If you don’t read his mood right, things can quickly get out of your hands.

While an Aquarius man in love will not be as emotionally detached with his partner as he is with others, he will still require his space.

Make sure you give him his alone time to do whatever he wants to do. When he is ready for intimacy, he will let you know.

A caring and considerate partner is an instant turn on for an Aquarius man. If you understand his needs, he will in turn be more caring towards you, which will result in a more satisfying experience for both of you.

This is one way to make an Aquarius man fall in love with you.

However, understanding the art of luring him into your bed is also important.

If you tease him in the right way, you won’t even need to approach the water-bearer. He will be the one to approach you which is always good for your relationship.

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Avoid Being Overly Emotional


If you are wondering how to keep an Aquarius man hooked, make sure you understand that he will not be driven by romance.

Calm, logical, and discrete, a man born under the water-bearer sign does not easily show his emotions to anyone including his close family.

He is also very good at placing a line between emotions and sexual intimacy. He is very realistic and that might turn off some women who come into the relationship expecting hearts and flowers.

The Aquarius man won’t do something extra special in bed on Valentine’s Day either. He isn’t pretentious and will not act lovey-dovey on certain days just because everyone else is doing it.

This is actually a really good things about Aquarius men is that they don’t fake their emotions.

That doesn’t mean they don’t show their love or interest in bed at all.

An Aquarius man expresses his feeling quite differently than other signs and if he does indeed love you, he will show you how much he cares every day, not just one certain days

So don’t try to wheedle him into buying you chocolate or go overtly emotional in bed with an Aquarius man.

This just isn’t his thing.

Aquarius Men Love Energy In Bed


What attracts Aquarius men in bed is their partner’s energy. The water-bearer are known for their confidence and passion and they know exactly what they need.

This is particularly true when it comes to satisfying them in bed.

When an Aquarius man is in the right mood, he wants his partner to be as vigorous and passionate as him. This means you will also need to match his energy.

However, do not fake it. If you are not in the mood for this, tell him no.

An Aquarius man is an extremely considerate lover and will understand if you are not feeling it.

If you are not enjoying your time in bed, don’t do it. If you try to fake your energy, the Aquarius man will know it and he will become aloof and cold with you.

He wants his partner to be as happy and satisfied as he is in bed, as well as in their relationship overall, which means he also understands that his partner may not always be in the right mood.

He respects independent women who can speak their mind. A woman who can openly talk to him about her needs is one of the biggest turn ons for an Aquarius man.

If you are doing your best in bed, but still aren’t able to do things the way your Aquarius man likes it, then you should ask him what he wants.

If he truly loves you, he will let you know what he likes in bed and what kind of energy he enjoys.

Talking about these things not just makes you more compatible in bed but may also make your bond stronger in your entire relationship.

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Be Playful With Your Aquarius Man In Bed


An Aquarius man has an inner child which is all about fun, playfulness and having adventures.

His life inside the bedroom is no exception either.

Since he loves to play, he will expect his partner to be playful as well while they are in bed.

If you really want to make your Aquarius man excited, engage him in some fun bed games.

You can search the internet and find a whole repository of fun and cute games that you can play with your Aquarius man when you are engaging in the bedroom.

A simple pillow match or a wrestling match are not just fun, they can help in improving both your moods.

While you are playing these games, make sure you are in the right mood to do so.

As with other things, an Aquarius man will always know when you are legitimately having a good time or when you are just faking things.

Be Open to Trying New Things


Since he is ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom, change and envisioning new possibilities, the Aquarius man doesn’t like monotony and routine.

So if you want to keep things interesting in bed, you need to shake things up a bit and add diversity to spice things up.

To do that, you should experiment with different things and form opinions together whether you like to do them or not in the future.

Use the element of surprise and mystery while you are in bed. The more you surprise him, the more happy and excited he will be.

Show him your love of adventure rather than your lovey-dovey side to keep him hooked. In the same way, you should be ready for some surprises from him as well.

Make an effort to accept his creative and eccentric ideas. Since an Aquarius man wants their partner to have as much fun as him, he will also take into consideration what you want as well.

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Try Some Sweet Talking


The Aquarius man loves to talk about things that interest him. You can use this to your advantage when you are in bed with him.

Even though he can be pretty aloof, when it comes to bed, an Aquarius man likes nothing more than having sweet nothings spoken in his ears.

You can keep his mind and body stimulated by telling him how much you enjoy being with him and talking about things that fascinate him.

To get him in the mood beforehand, you can send him text messages which contain word play or give a mysterious vibe.

However, make sure they are tasteful and not pieces of inane gossip as Aquarius men like to stimulate their minds.

Keep in mind that you can ruin an Aquarius man’s mood by saying the wrong thing to him. So if you are not sure if something will not be well-received, leave it out of your bedroom talk.

Compatibility With Other Signs in Bed


Aquarius men are more interested in a woman’s mind rather than just her body. Depending on what kind of personality you have, you can hit it off with an Aquarius man.

Air signs like Gemini are compatible with Aquarius men. An Aquarius man in bed with a Gemini woman will have a really good time since they will keep things interesting and fun.

Both Aquarius and Gemini love to discover new things and have experiments, hence the two in bed can create an unforgettable experience.

This power duo will not hesitate in sharing their ideas about what excites them in bed and may come with inventive new ways to mutually excite each other.

When it comes to an Aquarius man in bed with a Leo woman, it follows the principles of opposites attract.

Both of these individuals can be pretty stubborn and their personalities may often clash; however, this match is one that can help them realize the true meaning of love.

When they are in bed, the energy will go through the roof. Both of these individuals will not easily unbend and this can lead to more surprises and unexpected situations in bed.

With a strong and exciting sex life, an Aquarius man and a Leo woman can bond with each other on unexpected levels.

An Aquarius man in bed with a Libra woman will never have a boring sex life. They are both well-matched and have the potential of forming a harmonious and loving relationship.

Since both Aquarius and Libra are air signs, they can create magic just with physical association. This can make them unable to resist each other from the very get-go.

Although they do have a few differences, they are able to set those things aside because they respect each. For them, physical intimacy is the best form of expressing their love and passion.

This secret technique any woman can master will make an Aquarius man fall in love with just one kiss!

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