What Kind of Humor Do Aquarius Men Enjoy?

Updated May 4, 2022
What Kind of Humor Do Aquarius Men Enjoy?

When you want to make a water bearer laugh, you may wonder what’s the typical Aquarius man humor?

Does he like stand-up comedy, irony, or slap-stick humor?

Reading a person’s sense of humor can be tricky. You don’t want to accidentally offend or confuse anyone.

If you’re dating an Aquarius, making him laugh is crucial. He craves a partner who can also be his hilarious best friend.

An Aquarius appreciates many types of humor and if you can nail any combination of them you’re sure to capture his attention.


Ironically, although the Aquarius symbol is the water bearer, it is one of the zodiac signs that appreciate dry humor the most.

One of the reasons it can be so difficult to determine an Aquarius man’s sense of humor is because they love deadpan delivery.

He will often say something ridiculous with a completely straight face, making it hard to tell whether or not he is joking.

On top of his dry sense of humor, Aquarians often have abstract and extraordinary ideas, which they may discuss in the same tone they use to tell a dry joke.

You don’t want to offend an Aquarius by not taking his ideas seriously, but at the same time, it can be difficult to tell whether or not they are kidding because of their deadpan way of delivering a punchline.

If you’re one of the rare souls who can tell the difference between an Aquarius man’s dry humor and the things he is passionate about, you could be a perfect match.

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One of the typical Aquarius traits is that they are drawn to the rare and the unusual. They like strange, unique things, so it makes sense that even their sense of humor is quirky as well.

Don’t be surprised when your Aquarius man is the only one laughing in a silent room, or on the other hand the only unsmiling face in a beaming crowd.

An Aquarius often finds humor in unusual things, people, or situations that others don’t find funny at all. Occasionally, his quirky sense of humor can get him in trouble when he laughs at the wrong thing.

If you can make a joke and your Aquarius guy is the only one who laughs, don’t worry. He is just as impressed, and perhaps even more impressed, as he would be if you had the room in stitches.


The Aquarius sign likes anything that is out of the ordinary. Aquarians get bored easily and can’t stand following trends or being just another face in the crowd.

Your Aquarius man’s sense of humor is likely just as unique as he is. He finds humor in the oddest things and adds value to your life by helping you see the funny side of those things, too.

If you love your Aquarius man’s sense of humor (and hopefully you do, because humor is important in any Aquarius relationship), hold on tightly to him, because he is one of a kind.

You won’t find anyone else, even another Aquarius, with the same sense of humor as your quirky and unique water bearer.

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One of the Aquarius stereotypes is that they value courage and tenacity, so they are naturally drawn to people who are self-confident and unafraid of being themselves.

Just as they love brave people, Aquarians enjoy a bold sense of humor. If you’re not afraid to make a joke no one else would dare to make, an Aquarius will certainly laugh along with you.

If you think something is funny but are afraid to say it in front of your Aquarius guy, just blurt it out. He isn’t very sensitive or easy to offend, and he will appreciate your bravery.


Because they love self-confidence and bravery, Aquarians appreciate people who aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

They would rather someone have an opinion they don’t agree with than have no opinion at all, as long as the opinion is informed rather than based on ignorance.

It makes sense that Aquarians enjoy humor that others may consider controversial or even rude. An Aquarius will laugh at an inappropriate or politically incorrect joke, as long as it’s not personally offensive.

Aquarians are also known for their lack of tact. They are honest to a fault, and they never hold back or sugarcoat the truth when asked for their opinions.

They are one of the zodiac signs most likely to put their foot in their mouth, so it stands to reason that they aren’t bothered by what some might consider controversial humor.

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The Aquarius horoscope sign likes people who are different and are unafraid to show off what makes them special.

The Aquarius personality can be silly and goofy, so they are drawn to humor that is playful and even a little childish. Although they are one of the oldest and wisest signs, they are young at heart.

For example, when an Aquarius man takes a child to see a kid’s movie, he often enjoys the film just as much as the intended youthful audience.

What some may consider embarrassing or immature, an Aquarius appreciates as bold and spirited humor.

Funny voices, physical comedy, and goofy facial expressions are sure to have an Aquarius man in stitches.


Because self-confidence is so attractive to an Aquarius, he loves people who can recognize and make fun of their own flaws.

To an Aquarius, this signifies self-awareness and an ability to laugh at oneself. Aquarians are attracted to people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Also, because Aquarians can be tactless, seeing someone poke fun at themselves proves to him that they could handle his honest opinions and criticisms.

The important thing is to come off as self-confident rather than self-loathing when you make self-deprecating jokes.

If every comment you make about yourself is unkind, whether you’re kidding or not, it can come off as low self-esteem. An Aquarius likes people who can make fun of their own flaws but still love themselves.

If you can make a joke about your mistakes, or even your character or physical flaws, an Aquarius will certainly appreciate your self-deprecating humor.

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It takes a keen sense of observation and a talent for voices, facial expressions, and acting to pull off a good comedic impression.

Impression work is both cerebral and silly, which is a winning combination for any Aquarius.

If you can bond over a favorite comedian’s impression or can do a convincing act yourself, you are sure to stand out to your Aquarius man.


As much as they don’t like to take anything too seriously, Aquarians are quite pensive and deep. Don’t let their aloof, dreamy personality fool you into thinking they are foolish, because they are usually highly intelligent and thoughtful.

Although they enjoy goofy and light-hearted comedy, the Aquarius humor can also be quite dark.

An Aquarius understands that even the darkest, most terrible things can inspire some of the best humor. They don’t shy away from controversial comedy that makes fun of negative or touchy subjects.

They can joke about tough matters like death, war, famine, or really anything. Nothing is off-limits to poke fun at for an Aquarius.

They take these matters seriously but need to joke about them to get some relief from the weight of these topics.

They understand it’s more valuable and fun to shine the light of comedy in dark places than where it is already light and sunny.

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Much like dry humor, Aquarians love to implement sarcasm. They use it so often it can be hard to tell when they are kidding or being serious, and it’s easy to confuse the true Aquarius meaning behind his jokes.

Ironically, Aquarians tend to take other people quite literally, so when others are sarcastic it often goes over their heads.

Don’t be surprised if you say something sarcastic to an Aquarius man and he responds with a blank stare, trying to assess whether or not you are kidding.

If you are being sarcastic with an Aquarius man, make sure it’s abundantly clear that you’re joking. Never assume that he understands your sense of humor and knows you aren’t being serious.

Witty Word Play

One of the typical Aquarius sign traits is that they are witty. An Aquarius man craves intelligent and clever conversation with someone just as dynamic and intelligent as he is.

In fact, an Aquarius man will only commit to a partner that he views as thoughtful and wise as himself. He doesn’t want to be around someone who can’t carry a deep conversation.

Aquarians enjoy humor involving witty word play, such as puns or metaphors. This sort of comedy combines two of his favorite things: humor and intellect.

An Aquarius takes a long time getting to know a significant other before committing to a real relationship, and he needs someone who can be his best friend and his lover.

If you can show your Aquarius man that you are both smart and funny by teasing him with witty word play, you are sure to impress him and steal his heart.

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