How do You Win an Aquarius Man’s Heart?

Updated September 16, 2022
How do You Win an Aquarius Man’s Heart?

An Aquarius man’s heart is a mysterious thing. Even if you spend a lifetime with the water-carrier, you will still never be able to fully understand him.

Born under Uranus, the planet of innovation, shock, and liberty, your Aquarius men will have a personality that is magic and manic.

However, things get complicated when you realize that Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn, the planet of restrictions, rigidity, practicality, and authority.

As you can see, this makes the Aquarius man one big contradiction on legs. So, it is best to be prepared for the longest and hardest love battle of your life.

The good thing is once you win his heart, you will never be bored again.

Don’t Be Fake

Aquarius men are honest, sincere, and thoughtful people, and if you want to get an Aquarius man to chase you, you have to be honest, sincere, and thoughtful in return.

The Aquarius man is highly intelligent and discerning and can read when a person is being true to self or not. They do not respond well to dishonesty and untruthful flattery.

If you really want to know how to make an Aquarius man like you, you should instead focus your efforts on learning about his traits and then complimenting him on those.

Aquarius men are vain and narcissistic and do like to have their ego stroked from time to time. But they do hate oily people who flatter them for flattery’s sake.

The second an Aquarian finds you are not genuine, he will drop you like a hot potato.

If he feels betrayed because of your actions or words, may the gods be with you. If there is no wrath like a woman scorned, he will definitely give her a run for her money.

Although most Aquarius man don’t hold long grudges, if pushed, they will get revenge in a very spectacular and fully public way.

So, if you have an ulterior motive in pursuing a relationship with him, you better jump ship while you can.

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Become His Friend First

An Aquarius man, like the water sign that defines him, can be cool and icy, and you may feel he will slip through your fingers if you try and reach out to him.

Pursuing a relationship with an Aquarius man can be difficult since this sign takes a long time to open up. This can be frustrating if you want concrete results quickly.

However, don’t lose hope of pursuing a romantic relationship with him.

When it comes to the water-carrier, being friend zoned is actually a very good thing. It is often actually a stepping stone.

Aquarius man prize friendship more than they value romantic inclinations. Although being friends with a love interest may be awkward and in some cases, even painful, it can create a more enduring foundation for your relationship.

Aquarius men are very loyal to their friends, and show them their vulnerable side. You should consider this time as an investment to gain deeper insight into your Aquarius man.

Once you have nurtured your relationship to the point where he is open and comfortable with you, you should find opportunities to show him your interest in him is more than platonic.

Seeing that you genuinely care for you and have supported him in the past can make him consider you for his future partner.

Channel Your Philanthropic Side

Aquarius men have a heart of gold. The water-bearer is the most philanthropic and humanitarian of all zodiac signs and is a thoroughly good person – even though he may not seem so at times.

Aquarius men have a deep need to help and support underserved people and causes. What attracts Aquarius men is this attribute in their partner as well.

This means that if you want to pursue an Aquarius man, you will need to show him that you also bear the burden of the world’s problems on your shoulder. But, as said before, you need to be genuine in your efforts.

You can let this side of you show when you are deciding on a gift for your guy.

Aquarius men like gifts that benefit a social, economic, or environmental cause. Rather than gifting them a leather bag or inviting them to a pretentious high-tea in a castle, it is much better to make a donation in their name or to gift them with handmade artwork that profits the underprivileged community.

Understanding an Aquarius man and supporting his wants and desires is one of the best ways you can make him fall in love with you.

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Always Be Up For A Debate

Aquarius men are intellectuals and strong-willed and they will always stand up for a difficult cause, particularly if it is a just one.

If they believe in something passionately, they will continue to fight for it with their whole heart, though others may call them a fool. Although this may make them seem argumentative and rearing for a conflict, this is not the cause behind their debate.

They genuinely care for the issue and they do not believe in being fake.

They are also quite tolerant of other people’s point of views also since they believe in granting the same right of opinions to others.

If you ever get in a debate with an Aquarius man, the best ways to get your point across is to use a combination of thoroughly checked facts as well as posing well-crafted scenarios.

If your point is also valid, an Aquarius man will always try to see things your way and will at least try to understand, if not approve of, your side of things.

The type of women that Aquarius men like is one that is not vapid and pretty, but also has the brains to talk about important issues and the confident to speak her side of the story.

Do Not Try To Play Mind Games

Aquarians are genuine people who seek the truth and the one thing that they hate the most is when people try to manipulate them, make a fool out of them or play mind games with them.

If they sense you are trying to take advantage of them or are trying to undermine their authority, you won’t even have the time to say goodbye to them.

One of the things Aquarius men particularly dislike is if they sense you are purposely trying to make them jealous. This sort of behavior is not appreciated by Aquarians at all and you will probably not get the results you are after if you pursue this line of course.

Aquarius men believe they have the straightest moral compass (since they are loyal, intelligent, and humanitarian, this is also often the case in reality) and they expect others to follow it too.

So if you try to pull the wool over their eyes, you can just say take your attentions elsewhere because you can be sure that an Aquarius man will never be interested in such a person as you.

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Be Accepting Of Their Unique Personality

Aquarius men are not shallow and do not base their romantic interest in superficial aspects like physical beauty. So you have the opportunity to be unique in others ways that can attract an Aquarius man.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make the effort to look your best, but what an Aquarius man needs in a woman is the confidence to follow her passions in life.

Just be yourself and do not do anything crazy or out of the ordinary to get his attention.

Aquarius men are inventive, imaginative, and adventurous and some believe that this can make them immature, irresponsible and idealistic. If you are one of those people, you won’t have a good life with an Aquarius man.

Instead, you should accept this as an essential part of what makes the Aquarius man so truly unique.

In fact, these attributes of the water sign are something that can uplift your life and motivate you to follow your dreams as well.

If you accept these things, the Aquarius man will show you the perks of this side and will shower you with spontaneous gifts that will leave you breathless.

When this happens, this is one of the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you.

Be Persistent But Not Desperate

Although it may take some time for an Aquarius man to let down his guard and give you his heart, it will all be worthwhile.

You need to understand that you cannot rush an Aquarian into a relationship. Doing so will only backfire. If you truly love an Aquarius man, you should be willing to give him his time and space.

Don’t act desperately and cling to him as Aquarians don’t see these emotions as becoming of their potential love partner.

However, having said that, you will need to be patient and tenacious to get what you want. Incidentally, these are also virtues that an Aquarius man prizes in a woman.

In time, you may have the exquisite pleasure of hearing an Aquarius man say he loves you.

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