Do Aquarius Men Have a Freaky Side?

Updated November 12, 2022
Do Aquarius Men Have a Freaky Side?

If you’re dating one, then you’re probably already familiar with your Aquarius man’s freaky side.

The sign of the water bearer is brave and quirky, and he’s never afraid to let his freak flag fly.

But just how far will your Aquarius man go to please his lover, and how can you please him in return?

You can find out what each zodiac sign likes in bed by looking at their typical personality traits.

By learning more about Aquarians, you can determine just how freaky your Aquarius man can get.

They Aim to Please Their Partners

Aquarians are confident and skilled in bed, and they will stop at nothing to please their partners.

Although they may be stingy with money or their time, Aquarians are quite generous lovers. An Aquarius man will make sure you are both more than satisfied by the time he is finished with you in bed.

If there is any fantasy, preference, or request you have in the sack, don’t shy away from telling an Aquarius man. There is nothing too freaky or strange for this guy.

Not only can he handle whatever you throw at him, but he will also relish the challenge and delight in your sexual quirks.

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They are Experimental

There is nothing an Aquarius man won’t try at least once in bed, and if it pleases his partner, he will try it more than once.

Aquarians have the personality of a scientist. They are deeply thoughtful, analytical, and experimental.

They bring these personality traits with them into the bedroom, which they view as both a playground and an experiment lab.

If you are with an Aquarius man, prepare yourself to be open to new sexual experiences. He likes to try new things and needs a partner who can keep up with his appetite and curiosity.

They Like to Change Things Up in Bed

An Aquarius man will try anything at least once in bed, but he doesn’t like to do the same thing over and over.

Having sex at the same time, in the same position, with the same person every time isn’t enough to keep an Aquarius happy.

When it comes to sex, an Aquarius man’s philosophy is that variety is the spice of life. He gets bored easily and won’t settle for the same old routine.

If you want to know how to keep an Aquarius man hooked, you need to be willing to change things up in bed.

Get it on somewhere new you haven’t done it before, try a new position, or play a sexy game. Even if whatever you try isn’t your Aquarius man’s favorite, he’ll appreciate the effort to spice things up.

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They are Contrary and Perverse

Although the symbol for the zodiac sign Aquarius is the water bearer, this air sign does not go with the flow.

Aquarians aren’t afraid to go against the grain, and if someone tries to tell them what to do, they will surely do the opposite.

Don’t try to control an Aquarius in bed, unless of course, you are experimenting with dominance and submission.

Of course, there must be mutual consent and you can tell an Aquarius what you like and don’t like in bed. But don’t try to tame or control his sexuality because you will only end up pushing him away.

Aquarians are contrary and perverse. They like to do the opposite of what is expected, and there is nothing too naughty or taboo for them to try in bed.

They are Playful in Bed

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is someone who can be both his best friend and his lover. He will settle for nothing less than the perfect romance that is a combination of love and lust.

An Aquarius man won’t commit to a woman unless he sees her as a life partner. He needs someone he can laugh with and treat like a buddy, but still have a physical connection.

Because his long-term sexual partner is also his best friend, an Aquarius man can be playful and sweet in bed. For an Aquarius man, cuddling is something he usually only enjoys in a committed relationship.

If you can be comfortable enough to laugh in bed with your Aquarius man and not take sex too seriously, you may be the perfect woman for him.

Of course, sex is very important to your Aquarius man, but it’s supposed to be fun. It’s a huge turn off for him if sex ever feels like a chore or an obligation for either partner.

When an Aquarius man snuggles up with you after sex and calls you his best friend, it’s one of the sure signs of an Aquarius man in love.

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They are Romantic in Bed

Although he can easily separate love from lust, an Aquarius knows how to be romantic in bed when he wants to be.

One of the great things about having an Aquarius sexual partner is that it’s like you are getting every type of partner in one person.

He knows how to be kinky, sensual, romantic, dominant, submissive, passionate, or anything else you could ever want him to be in bed, and he likes to change it up.

Even when he doesn’t have true feelings for someone, an Aquarius man knows how to romance a lover. But his romantic side may not extend to just anyone beyond the bedroom.

For an Aquarius man, intimacy isn’t necessary to have a fun, romantic night together. Just don’t expect it to be true love, despite his display of passion.

An Aquarius man in love can be wildly romantic. When he loves someone, he can combine his romantic charm with his genuine feelings for that person to create an explosive session in the sack.

They Love to be Surprised in Bed

Aquarians get bored easily, so to make him happy in the bedroom you will have to keep him on his toes.

Don’t let him get used to a routine, or fall into a pattern of doing the same thing every time you hit the sack together.

Aquarians are great at pulling off grand romantic gestures for the ones they love, like surprises. If big romantic gestures aren’t your thing, you can reciprocate by keeping your sex life fresh and exciting.

If you want to know how to please an Aquarius man in bed, try surprising him by bringing something new to the table. Find a new position, purchase a sex toy to use together, or experiment with role-play.

As long as you can keep your sex life interesting and full of surprises, your Aquarius man won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.

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They are Sexually Creative

Aquarians like to think outside of the box, and they need some sort of creative outlet to be content. This natural creativity extends to his behavior in the bedroom, as well.

Don’t be put off when your Aquarius guy makes wild and weird suggestions in bed. Instead, try to appreciate that he feels comfortable enough with you to share his thoughts.

What attracts Aquarius men is a woman who is open and willing to try new things. Show him you want to at least attempt some of his creative suggestions.

Even better, bring your own creative ideas to the bedroom. If you have a particular fantasy, put your personal spin on it and ask your Aquarius partner to help you act it out.

They Open Up Their Partners

If you are lucky enough to share your bed with an Aquarius man, then you will have no choice but to open up sexually to him.

Aquarians won’t settle for a boring sexual partner, and they are excellent at helping their lovers realize their fantasies.

Aquarians are sexually uninhibited, and they can help their partners be comfortable exploring their bodies and sexuality.

If you want to know how to please an Aquarius man in bed, show him how uninhibited you can be and let him help you express your sexuality.

An Aquarius man wants a full, unrepressed sex life. If you’re with an Aquarius man, you will never feel like you are missing out on anything in the sack.

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They Are Never Shy in Bed

Aquarians can come off as tactless and insensitive because they have no filter. They just say and do whatever is on their mind without recognizing that it may come off as hurtful to others.

Just as they are honest and brave in their everyday lives, Aquarians are bold and unrestrained in their sex lives.

An Aquarius man is never shy in bed, and he craves a partner who is just as self-confident of her body and her sexuality as he is.

An Aquarius man isn’t afraid to let his partner know what he wants sexually. There is nothing a woman could suggest that would make him blush or shy away.

If you want to know how to arouse an Aquarius man, show him how confident and self-assured you are. Don’t hide any part of yourself or be afraid to share your wildest fantasies with him.

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