How to Talk to an Aquarius Man About Feelings

Updated April 23, 2023

Do you find it frustrating to talk to an Aquarius man about feelings? Is he finding it difficult to emotionally connect with you?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, you may be doing something wrong.

Before you talk to an Aquarius man about feelings, you should know about his personality.

You should know how Aquarius man shows love during a conversation, how an Aquarius man acts when he likes you, and when he wants to be alone.

Understanding his traits will help you learn how to keep an Aquarius man hooked when talking about your feelings. The effort will be worth it since you can have a meaningful conversation with him.

The first thing you should know about an Aquarius man is that he is a thinker and an intellectual.

In order to have a meaningful conversation with an Aquarius man, you need to understand his thought process and match his intellect.

Analytical thinkers seem aloof since they hesitate to speak what’s on their mind. They may give the impression that they are snobby or arrogant, but that’s not the case.

Aquarian men are curious by nature. Curiosity is the strongest motive for them to talk. They won’t actively participate in a conversation unless it arouses their curiosity.

Now that you know about the main traits of an Aquarian man, let’s find out how to talk to him about feelings and romance.

1. Be Direct

Being a thinker, an Aquarius man considers idle talk to be a waste of time. That’s why you should be direct and to the point when sharing your feelings with an Aquarian.

You should give specific information when conversing about feelings.

For instance, don’t just say, “You hurt me.” Such a statement gives him insufficient information to respond. Instead, you should provide the exact reasons why you were hurt.

Aquarius men are usually the first to admit that a problem exists and that it needs to be solved. They are problem-solvers by nature. As a result, they won’t avoid addressing conflicting feelings.

You should get to the point quickly during a conversation without beating about the bush. If anything is annoying you, it’s important that you address the specific issue.

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2. Pay Attention to Nonverbal Signs

Aquarian men don’t normally express their feelings. You have to look at their body language to know what they are thinking.

By paying attention to the nonverbal signals, you can know whether your man is happy, tense, sad, or moody. You can know his feelings by looking at his hands, face, and even legs.

Knowing about the emotions will help you talk properly to your man. This will also allow you to respond in an appropriate manner when connecting with him.

For instance, if he is feeling angry, you should give him some space. When he is feeling sad or fearful, you should reassure him. Once he has become calm, you should talk to him about your feelings.

If you see that your man wants time alone, give him the space that he craves for. You can talk about feelings when he is in a mood to talk.

3. Be Playful And Spontaneous

Engaging in playful activities is one of the best ways to encourage an Aquarius man to talk about his feelings.

Aquarius men love spontaneity and fun. They usually see a relationship not as an emotional bond, but as something playful. Having fun is a form of mental stimulation that can really get them to talk.

You can share a few ideas for having fun together. Play a game where you tell secret feelings about each other. Playing such games will make him emotionally expressive toward you.

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4. Talk in a Relaxing Environment

Aquarians are reserved about their feelings. They are like a rabbit that hops to the comfortable confines of a home in case of danger.

So, you should avoid talking about feelings in a loud or stressful environment.

You should talk about feelings in a more relaxed environment. Express feelings in a place that seems less intimidating to him. This can be the bedroom or another place where he feels comfortable.

Talking in a relaxing environment will likely make him feel at ease in expressing emotions. This is the best way to know how he really feels about the relationship with you.

5. Act With Tact And Discretion

Remember that Aquarian men don’t really understand emotions. They don’t know how to react to them. If you want to avoid uncomfortable situations during conversations, you should act discretely and talk only when they are feeling calm.

For example, an Aquarian man doesn’t normally get angry. However, when you cross the line, you should brace yourself for an emotional outburst. He will shout and bring up things from the past.

When it comes to handling an Aquarian man’s anger, being tactful is the key.

Give him space to think things through and get over stuff. If you sense that an Aquarian is annoyed, you should let him calm down.

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6. Look For The Right Opportunity

Aquarian men won’t quickly respond to the demands for a commitment. You should not expect an Aquarian man to quickly turn from friend to love. To make him talk about feelings, you need to take it slow.

Avoid taking giant leaps of faith when it comes to talking about love with an Aquarian. You should give him space and let him take his own time to feel happy in a relationship.

An Aquarius man expressing love is like a turtle slowly crawling forward. Going slow is the best thing to do when talking to an Aquarian about love.

Before talking about emotional stuff, you need to be clear about the signs an Aquarius man is interested in you. You should look for the signs that an Aquarius man is into you before talking about love.

Wait before the Aquarius man says he loves you before talking about mushy stuff. You should allow as much time as possible for him to open up about feelings.

The quote “let there be spaces in your togetherness” is perfectly applicable when talking with an Aquarian man.

7. Lead The Conversation

Aquarians are good listeners. As a result, an Aquarian man might expect you to start the conversation. Once he starts listening to you, consider bringing up the conversation about feelings.

Keep in mind that Aquarius men don’t appreciate overly emotional expressions. Their minds are ruled by reason, and they’re not really the “emotional types.”

Aquarians love to analyze things, even their own emotions. They will likely talk about their feelings once they have figured out what they are feeling.

Simply ask an Aquarian man how he feels about a particular thing. Tell him to give his opinion about his inner feelings. This is the best way to know how he actually feels about something.

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8. Spend Time Together

Gaining the trust of an Aquarian will take time. Most Aquarian men won’t open up with anyone until they trust a person.

You should gain the trust of an Aquarian man if you want to talk about feelings. Spend time together to get to know him. Take part in activities with him.

Taking part in activities together will allow him to get to know you better. He will trust you and avoid being reserved about his feelings.

When he starts to trust you more, he will start asking personal questions. He will open up to you and start talking about his feelings for you.

Aquarius men love women who are open to adventures. They will be more willing to open up to women who will go with the flow rather than those who meticulously plan everything in advance.

You should say yes to a spontaneous activity even when you are busy. He will appreciate you for going with the flow and spending time with him.

The more open you are to random plans, the more are the chances that he will open up to you about his feelings.

9. Relax!

You should not be in a hurry to talk about feelings with an Aquarius man. Consider giving him as much time as possible.

An Aquarius man is in no hurry. So, you need to adjust your pace when in a relationship with him.

You can’t force an Aquarius man to talk about his feeling. When he becomes interested in you, he will start to talk about feelings.

He will back out if he senses that you are trying to push him into a relationship. He will give you a silent treatment and stop contacting you.

Remember that when he is in love with you, he will tell you his feelings. Until then, you should just try to have a great time with him.

If you try to rush into a relationship, the chances of the relationship not working out are high. He won’t talk to you about his feelings until he has gained your trust.

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