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Flirt With an Aquarius Man by Making Eye Contact

Flirt With an Aquarius Man by Making Eye Contact

One of the best ways to entice an Aquarius man is eye contact based flirting. That is the sure shot way of getting things started.

Eye contact is one thing that can be effective if you know what you’re doing.

Being one of the quirkiest zodiac signs, Aquarius men can be one of the most difficult to understand and that makes it even more difficult to play around with them. This is also what makes flirting fun with them.

Experiencing love with an Aquarius man is the most out-of-the-ordinary things you will ever come across. In fact, anything to do with an Aquarius man will challenge your general approach towards the opposite gender. Flirting becomes a different ballgame here.

Nothing works better than a little eye contact flirting action.

Eye Contact Flirting


You know what attracts Aquarius men? Women who are not afraid to make the first move and make their interests known to the Aquarius man. They already know they garner interest in people. Are you willing to act on it?

Generally speaking, when it comes to eye contact flirting, it is preferable when a girl starts to look at the guy first. This always works in the favor of the possibility that something actually can happen between the two people.

The reason for the fact that girls expressing interest first being more successful with flirting, especially with Aquarius men and eye contact is that she is making it clear that she’s inviting something herself and not reacting to the guy.

To put it more simply, when a girl looks at a guy first and expresses interest, they are in the default pursuit position. This means that you will get to set the tone for the entire interaction with the guy.

Aquarius men are instinctively very good at taking note of things like this. When you make eye contact with them and try flirting, they will instantly recognize what is going on there and then the games will finally begin.

Convince your Aquarius man that you're his soulmate.

Communicating through Eye Contact


Whatever the situation is and you see the Aquarius man you find interesting, kick things off by making sure that your eyes meet his eyes briefly. Be very subtle and yet very slightly obvious about making eye contact with him.

As you are keeping tabs on him through the corner of your eyes, swiftly brush your gaze towards his as he starts to look at you. Just don’t maintain eye contact with him for too long yet. It’s only started.

All you want to establish at the start is that he gets to understand you’re looking at him intentionally and that your eyes didn’t meet just because you were scanning the room. This will create quite a bit of intrigue.

The first few glances is where the spark of attraction is initially created. You want him interested and eventually you need to work on how to keep an Aquarius man hooked.

Look Directly At Him


Now, you need to remember that Aquarius men are well-aware of their ability to attract interest from women. It is one of the most well-known Aquarius man traits. It also means that an Aquarius man loses interest fast.

One way of how to keep an Aquarius man hooked after maintaining that bit of eye contact with him is to look directly his way and smile. Instead of worrying about how to read an Aquarius man, surprise him.

At this point, you have noticed him. He has also noticed you noticing him. Before he even thinks about turning up the charm, you take the opportunity and make that move to catch him off guard. He will love that.

After locking eye contact with him, look down to indicate that you’re shy and then look up again to make eye contact again and then smile. It’s a clear signal that you find him attractive. It’s brilliant and works well.

Giving him a cute but coy smile, perhaps a playful little smirk at best without breaking the eye contact will be enough to set things in motion, which will end up with the Aquarius man in love with you.

Okay, maybe that is a bit of a long-term thought but it will be more than enough to convince him to come and say hi to you. If he doesn’t, you might think “is the Aquarius man testing me?”

Why your Aquarius man might lie to you? Make sure he is always honest about his feelings for you.

Flutter Your Eyelashes


You wouldn’t be wrong to think that. The poor sucker doesn’t know what is coming his way. Even if he doesn’t approach you right away, you can see the signs an Aquarius man is interested in you. They are obvious.

He will probably be smiling and at the same time be coy about it. One thing you know for a fact that with the smile from you, there’s no chance that the Aquarius man loses interest in playing the game.

Flutter your eyelashes. The eye contact is established and the interest from both parties is loud and clear. Blink your eyes slightly more often that you usually do. It is a bit of a cliché but the eyelashes really work.

Now, keep in mind that you have to be very subtle about the whole fluttering the eyelashes thing. You don’t want to make this important tool in your arsenal to make it look like you have some sort of condition.

The eye fluttering thing works in both ways. If he doesn’t come say hi to you, this will be the final straw when it comes to Aquarius men and eye contact. When he says hi, respond in kind. Be nice.

Hold His Gaze


No matter how giddy you might start to feel on the inside, it’s important not to give it away. It’s one of the ways of how to keep an Aquarius man hooked. Your responses should be more generic in nature.

You see, if you say something flirtatious right away, you’re giving the game away. Both of you know you’re both interested but what attracts Aquarius men is a challenge. Your eyes should do all the flirting for you right now.

He will want you to be the first one to say something that he can catch you out on but you have to keep firm. To show that your interest’s still there, you need to hold your gaze with him.

While maintaining the flow of the conversation, draw him out and make a long and deliberate gaze. Show him that you’re interested by positioning your body to face him directly. Don’t smile too much but make your gaze seem intimate.

Just make sure that you do not go beyond the point of looking sultry into looking like a complete creep. Maintain the eye contact for long enough to make a clear cut connection with him. Just don’t stare him down.

This simple secret about Aquarius men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

Check Him Out


Make and break eye contact with him from this point onward. You will start to notice all the signs an Aquarius man’s interested. In fact, at this point in time, he will be hooked. It’s time to keep him there.

You get to be a little bold here. Check him out with your eyes. He knows that it is obvious that you are interested in him so why don’t you take things a little further? Just check him out now.

Give him a quick but not rushed sweep from head to toe and back around. Let him know that you like what you see, by just giving a slight smile. It’s what attracts Aquarius men: Confidence of the highest order.

Beyond this point, everything becomes more or less about how to keep an Aquarius man hooked by toying with him. The eye contact flirting’s done the job of garnering his interest and sparking attraction. Just keep some things in mind:

  • Make sure that with the whole situation, you let the eyes linger but you never want to stare too intently. You want him to want to come talk to you, not get a restraining order. Be playful and subtle.
  • Always, always make sure that the Aquarius man you are trying to flirt is already with a girl before you start the Aquarius man eye contact moves on him. This will prevent a fair bit of discomfort all around.
  • Throughout the time you are playing around with your eyes and your coy and cute smiles, the conversation must keep going. It’s not just the eyes that do the trick, they’re the main reason why the whole thing starts.
  • Maintain a certain level of subtlety. You want to be upfront but not downright desperate. Learn how to read an Aquarius man properly in order to understand the responses better. You don’t want to seem like a creep, right?
  • Use different flirting techniques like biting the bottom lip with your teeth. You could also start to play around with your hair a little bit. Arch your back and perhaps turn away to look at him from the side.
  • Keep these things in mind and you’re pretty much going to end up with an Aquarius man in love within the space of the first few interactions. It’s all about knowing what you’re doing and playing your cards right.

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