Best Ways to Communicate with an Aquarius Man

Updated February 23, 2023
Best Ways to Communicate with an Aquarius Man

Forging a meaningful connection is the first step towards building a solid relationship, but some Aquarius men’s communication skills are not the best.

Give yourself an advantage by learning the most successful ways to forge and develop a meaningful connection.

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, from greeting your neighbor to sending Christmas cards. Every day we spend time communicating with those we are close to, mainly through speech or the written word.

Romantic relationships are no different. If you want them to succeed, you need to identify and exploit the most suitable forms of communication for someone with a particular star sign.

From the words we choose to speak to the meaning of someone’s body language, it’s time to discover the secret to top-class communication with an Aquarius Man.

Be Straightforward

Aquarius men are thinkers more than talkers, so pointless chat can easily irritate them. If you dress up a feeling or concern in a cloak of unnecessary words, the result could easily be your Aquarius man not texting back.

Knowing how to start a conversation with an aquarius man is half the challenge. When you have something important to say, strip back the extra words, be direct. That might be an uncomfortable experience, but you will get the results you want.

This is especially true when feelings are involved. What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is communication using straight, plain, facts. Instead of saying ‘You made me angry yesterday,’ go straight in with the reasons behind your statement.

Good, honest communication is something Aquarian men appreciate. They don’t bother with games, so don’t hide them if you have different opinions on a topic. He’ll take you at face value, so being unnatural causes you grief in the long term.

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Read His Body Language

When an Aquarius man doesn’t communicate well he really appreciates you being honest and genuine. Aquarians often struggle to share their feelings verbally. They’re not trying to hide anything, but finding the words can be challenging.

That’s why one of the easiest ways to communicate with an Aquarius man is by reading his body language. Even in complete silence, you will learn a lot from his nonverbal gestures and body positioning, information that gives you a chance to understand his situation.

The ability to identify that he is happy, depressed, angry, or upset without being told directly helps you deliver the best response, which automatically strengthens your connection.

Analysing body language teaches you how to deal with an aquarius man that is distancing himself. From folded arms and zero eye contact that act as a barrier, and a red face that suggests he’s upset, and the broad smile that invites you into his space – there isn’t always a need for words.

Pick The Right Moment

When you’re in a more than casual relationship, it’s natural to start thinking about the future. However, introducing serious topics like this into a conversation isn’t something you should rush.

It’s a fact that Aquarius men communicate in a unique way, and that’s steadily and carefully. They know plenty of words, but they value them intensely; you won’t find an Aquarius man throwing them around without caring about what they represent.

Aquarius men like to take their time, scope out the situation they’re in, and avoid rushed or awkward scenes. Strengthen your mutual communication by tapping into the atmosphere and occasion and responding appropriately.

Remember, Aquarian men are often reluctant to wear their hearts on their sleeves. It’s safer to hold back on sharing your romantic fantasies until he gives a clear sign that he’s ready to hear it. Meanwhile, enjoy the journey.

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Create a Relaxed Atmosphere

Men born under the Aquarius star sign can be exuberant showoffs, or reserved and studious thinkers, depending on the month they were born. However, all Aquarius men share a dominant common trait – they both avoid conflict.

One of the most effective ways to encourage good communication with Aquarius men is to keep it low-key, as cool as a nicely chilled glass of lemonade. This helps them speak freely rather than retreat to avoid tension.

January-born Aquarius men prefer smaller group meet-ups and activities, while their February-born counterparts are likely to be hosting the noisiest party on the block. Still, regardless of these majorly different lifestyles, all Aquarian men favor laid-back communication.

Aquarius men aren’t fighters, shouters, or scene makers – though they are sometimes guilty of a little idle gossip! What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is sincerity, reliability, and someone who can match their laid back communication style.

Always Be Yourself

If you’re unsure who you are and what you want out of life, you may struggle to communicate honestly with an Aquarius man. He’ll take you at your word, and then you’ll be caught in a web of lies.

What an aquarius man needs in a woman is honesty. That means not squashing your feelings or lying about them. The trick is to go with the flow and share your ideas, thoughts, and opinions following an Aquarius man’s lead.

If you are currently just flirty friends, but you’d like more, then it’s OK to say that; just be clear about your expectations and boundaries. If your Aquarius love interest is after a casual hook-up, and you aren’t, then say so.

So many women feel they need to change themselves to seem appealing to a lover, but Aquarius men are different. Communication should run very smoothly by being honest but not pushing things beyond his current comfort point.

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Trigger His Creativity

Any topic that gets an Aquarius man into a creative mindset opens the door to meaningful communication. If you need ideas for a work project, some home décor makeover inspiration, or advice on advertising strategies for your business, ask away.

Aquarius men enjoy flexing their creative muscles, and like most people, being asked for advice makes them feel valuable and flattered. Of course, you shouldn’t engineer fake situations to feed his ego; that’s just counter-productive.

If you are involved with an Aquarius man, you’ll know he’s higher up the eccentricity scale than most zodiac signs. This wacky, free-thinking side of his personality can generate enough creative energy to power a small city.

As a brain-smart air sign, an Aquarius man would welcome a chance to use his mind power, especially on a creative project that helps the disadvantaged. A joint project that meets these criteria will have you speaking the same language.

Don’t Appear Needy

Aquarius men are pretty chilled, whether they come across as free-spirited bohemians or very organized high achievers. As they thrive on the concept of capability, they respond best to those who can communicate that way.

In a relationship with an Aquarius male, the worst thing you can do is be needy. Uranus, the planet of freedom and independence, rules Aquarians, and they value those characteristics too much to be comfortable with clingy people.

If you are generally not shy and retiring but are facing an event where you think you may struggle, you need to develop a strategy. Troubleshoot potential weak spots, and tap into your Aquarius man’s knowledge bank to help you prepare.

If you don’t know anyone else attending, do some legwork and get a few names; then do some research on their jobs or interests to help with casual conversation. Independence is a quality he will always admire.

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Make It Interesting

The quickest way to kill communication with an Aquarius man is to be boring. Be flippant, argumentative, clown-like, dramatic, mysterious, or funny, so long as you are interesting, you’ll hold his attention.

Aquarians are typical air signs with intense, intelligent minds that are almost allergic to anything dull. You won’t find an Aquarius man reading a dire book, not even to just ‘give it a chance.

Neither would he stay put in a theatre when the movie on screen is unwatchable. Life’s just too short. To enjoy some productive communication with an Aquarius man, keep it focused, to the point, and above all else, entertaining.

Be your wittiest, sharpest, and most brilliant self, and the chatter will flow freely. By steering conversation away from dangerous topics, it should help build bonds and strengthen your relationship.

Appeal To His Intellect

Perhaps the most important thing to know and remember about Aquarius men is that they are brilliant. They express their brain power in various ways, including through words – they enjoy debating and academic achievements.

If you don’t know how to talk to an Aquarius man, aim to capture his mind. Communicating through knowledge is always a winning strategy. This goes beyond just book learning, though. Introduce him to things you are passionate about, and ask him about what his interests are.

Remember, though, this isn’t a game. Faking a burning desire to learn about 19th-century steam train engines is risky. You could get bored, and he may feel patronized! It will undoubtedly kill your communication.

A more worthwhile venture would be to learn something entirely new for you both, together. Tackling a painting class, language course, or dance class could easily be a strong bonding experience.

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