7 Important Things to Make an Aquarius Man Commit

7 Important Things to Make an Aquarius Man Commit

Shared laughter, moments and adventures, intellectual conversations, and lots of patience make the perfect recipe to make an Aquarius man commit.

It may be hard to believe, but the outgoing Aquarius man is incredibly hesitant when it comes to commitment.

An Aquarius man is a fixed air sign. He is a smart, intellectual, charismatic, and expert communicator. However, when it comes to relationships, he is generally more reserved.

Aquarius is ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. The former explains why and how he manages to remain unemotional and detached, while the latter explains his unique and unconventional nature.

If you want to attract an Aquarius man, you will have to break the status quo as much as he does. Breakaway from the conventional seduction strategies so you can stand-out.

1. Stimulate His Mind


When thinking about how to get an Aquarius man to chase you, forget about physical or emotional seduction. Do not even try to play any mind games because they will beat you there.

Nothing attracts an Aquarius man like a stimulating discussion does. If you two have shared interests, then attracting will be effortless. Even if you don’t, an intellectual conversation on any topic can get him to notice you.

Aquarius are cerebral people, and they are far more interested in your mind. Don’t be pretentious when they try to get to know you. Be straightforward and honest about your world views.

Honesty and openness is the best way to stimulate their mind and pique their interest. They like uncomplicated conversations even though they can very well read between the lines. They just don’t prefer it.

They prefer people who are curious and can hold a conversation. Don’t just listen to their world views, share your own. Don’t be afraid to admit your lack of knowledge, but be open to new ideas and concepts.

Communication is the way to stimulate their mind, which is the way to their heart. Not to say they don’t enjoy a good meal but only if it’s accompanied by an entertaining discussion.

2. Don’t Try Too Hard


Honesty is what attracts Aquarius men and pretentiousness, is the ultimate poison for whatever potential there may be. Here is where you need to make sure you aren’t trying too hard. They value people who are open and have integrity.

In fact, Aquarius men are firm believers in “you have your life, and I have mine.” They don’t expect you to be someone you aren’t, and they won’t take a moment to walk away once they discover your lies.

If you’re truly serious and are thinking about the long term or even hoping for something substantial, then just be yourself and let him see the many sides of you. What you may consider ordinary could be intriguing for him.

Instead of trying to lure him in by pretending to be what you aren’t, just be yourself and build camaraderie. The Aquarius man is a lot more interested in building close friendships than in relationships. So be his friend first.

3. Be Independent and Secure


An Aquarius man in love is going to be cool and detached initially, and he needs you to be the same. They are often hesitant before they accept their feelings, and they will need their space during that time.

The best way to seal the deal is by giving them their distance. The last thing they desire is a needy, pushy partner who keeps rushing him into doing what he doesn’t want.

For an Aquarius man, love and respect flow together. For him to be able to love you, he has to respect you, and for that, it is essential that you have a life of your own.

They aren’t the type of men who like to rescue damsels in distress. They do, however, appreciate women who are independent and strong. They are more likely to go out of their way for women who aren’t constantly seeking help.

The respect factor in the relationship has to be strong for Aquarius’s, so don’t try and appeal to the stereotypical idea of masculinity. Be independent, be strong, and they will definitely pay you attention.

4. Enjoy Time Away From Him


Your time away from him should be enjoyable and not courtesy. Yes, they need their space, but they also don’t like it when their partner is in misery.

Understand that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, which represents unconventional and traditional qualities all at once. You probably won’t ever find an answer for how to read an Aquarius man, and you don’t need to.

Their wish list is pretty simple. They want a person who is comfortable in their own skin and isn’t overly dependent on them. It’s not that they don’t want to be there for you, they just don’t do clingy.

Don’t make it look like your happiness and enjoyment is dependent upon them and them alone. Having a life of your own is the answer to how to make an Aquarius man want you.

Don’t put your life on hold for them. Make sure you take out time to hang out with friends and have fun. Disconnect for a day or two as that is what attracts Aquarius men.

They love to be wanted but hate being needed, so keep that in mind. If they reach out to you on your day away, it is one of the sure-shot signs an Aquarius man is falling for you.

5. Be His Friend


When an Aquarius man says he doesn’t want a relationship, he means it. The truth is, he’ll probably say so even when an Aquarius man has a crush on you. That’s because they want to be friends first.

An Aquarius man values close friendships over everything else, even physical attraction. For them, a strong relationship can only be built on a solid friendship. Initially, he will want to keep it friendly and impersonal.

Humor him, even if you can tell the feelings flow both ways. He will come to terms with his emotions once he begins to trust you and knows he can depend on you. That is important for him.

You will notice one of the major signs an Aquarius man is interested in when he seeks you out to discuss his emotions and feelings. He’ll let you in as a friend first and then move to the next step.

As we mentioned earlier, shared laughter, adventures, moments, and lots of patience is the recipe to make an Aquarius man commit. Make sure you are there for him when he needs you to be.

Aquarius loves to love and be loved. But they also want to date their best friends so be that friend first. Their quirky nature is hard to interpret.

In fact, you may never find the answer to how to know if an Aquarius man is serious about you. But hang in there as his friend and let him know you care, and he will eventually come round.

6. Be Yourself


Pretending to be someone you are not is a sure shot way to lose your Aquarius man. They do not like being cheated on, and pretentiousness for them is equivalent to fraud.

They love people who are original and unapologetically themselves, much like they are themselves. The easiest way to catch their eye is by being yourself. If there is something unique about you, don’t be afraid to flaunt it.

Be confident in who you are. If you’re an introvert, then be an introvert with confidence. Don’t go out of your comfort zone to catch their attention. They can effortlessly catch up on what’s going on and will become distant.

Nothing lures an Aquarius as originality does. Learn to voice your opinions, but make sure they are your own. They enjoy people who can defend their argument, and a good debate may be the way to their heart.

However, do make sure that your words aren’t borrowed because they will find out sooner or later. And when they do, they won’t think twice before building up an imaginary wall between you two.

7. Avoid the Word Commitment


There is no answer to how to tell an Aquarius man you love him. However, we suggest you steer clear from the word commitment, especially if they aren’t as in tune with their emotions as you are.

They may very well be falling for you, but might not be ready to take the leap you are making. Hold back from using words that may feel caging or binding to them. The word commitment is one of them.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, but an air sign nonetheless. They are incredibly loyal but also very hesitant, and they detest being controlled. They want the liberty to make the decision to settle down.

Make sure you don’t send them running to the other end of the globe by putting a label on their feelings. Tell them you love them and value your friendship a great deal but leave the ball in their court.

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