Aquarius Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Aquarius Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Aquarians are known for their free-spirited, strong-headed, independent and opinionated personalities and this makes many question the Aquarius man and Aquarius woman compatibility.

Can two people with such strong personalities coexist? Can they fulfill each other’s unique expectations and needs?

Aquarius and Aquarius is a weird, yet wonderful combination, to say the least. Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility is high mainly because they both understand each other very well.

Since Aquarians generally have a hard time finding someone who can understand their unique personalities and needs, this is truly a blessing for them.

No matter what kind of a relationship they are in, Aquarians respect each other’s need for freedom and independence, keep each other excited and motivated with their intellect and wackiness, and enjoy each other’s company.

Aquarius Man & Aquarius Woman in Friendship


A friendship between an Aquarius man and woman is fun, exciting, and constructive.

Since they both share the same interests, they feel comfortable with each other. It is probably the only time they feel normal because they are not judged or looked at because of their weird choices and unique opinions.

When with a friend from the same star sign, an Aquarius can enjoy intellectual discussions on a variety of topics without having to be concerned about the other person getting bored or irritated on their lack of knowledge.

Aquarius friends can provide each other the mental stimulation they always look for and bring out the best in each other.

Another great thing about friendship between an Aquarius man and a woman is that they both have progressive minds and big dreams. They are full of ideas and are likely to work together for the greater good.

However, Aquarius and Aquarius friendship can suffer, at times, because both men and women of this star sign are stubborn. This, when coupled with the fact that they both are highly opinionated, increases the chances of conflicts or arguments.

While it is common for friends to disagree or have conflicts over different things, Aquarians find it very hard to compromise.

So, in case Aquarius close friends have a clash or fight, it is very likely of them to do nothing about it.

This not only makes the situation worse, but can also become the reason for the end of a great friendship. However, the friendship can last a lifetime if they learn to diffuse heated arguments before they get out of control.

For Aquarians, friendship is also the first step of a romantic relationship. Unlike other star signs, you will never find an Aquarius entering into a relationship after a few meetings.

For Aquarians, commitment is a very big thing and they want to take as much time as possible before committing to a person and if the other person tries to push them into it, they simply detach themselves.

One of the best things about friendship between an Aquarius man and a woman is that they do not try to push each other into a romantic relationship.

They give each other the time and space, enjoy each other’s company, and let everything else flow naturally.

Aquarius Man & Aquarius Woman in Relationship


A romantic relationship between an Aquarius man and a woman is almost always preceded by years of friendship.

Even when they do develop feelings for each other, an Aquarius man and a woman are likely to continue the relationship as friends for a long time before taking things further.

This is because the fears of getting committed to a wrong person are mutual here.

However, when they finally enter a romantic relationship, they share a strong and unique bond, just like their personalities. The mental compatibility between them is so amazing that they understand each other’s thoughts and feelings without words.

No matter what the topic is, Aquarius partners develop an instant connection whenever they talk. This is why they enjoy long conversations with each other.

While it sounds strange to many, the real beauty of the Aquarius love relationship lies in the detachment. Aquarius partners give each other the time, space, and freedom that the people born under this sign hold so dearly.

Aquarius partners know that no other person can understand their need for freedom and personal space and this often brings them even closer.

The key reason why an Aquarius man or woman is not afraid of giving freedom and space to their partner is because a romantic relationship between two Aquarians is built on trust.

This is why they hardly ever lie to each other and can maintain long-distance relationships with ease.

Another positive aspect of the romantic relationship between two Aquarians is that together they can fulfill the most adventurous wishes and work to achieve what seems impossible to others.

Whether it is climbing Mount Everest or diving into the waters of Antarctica, nothing is too daring or impossible for an Aquarius.

Just like any other relationship, a few problems can also arise between Aquarius partners – mainly because of their stubborn nature. Since both partners are equally stubborn in this relationship, it can create some ego problems.

However, small conflicts and clashes are inevitable whenever two people with strong or dominant personalities enter into a relationship. These problems, however, can be handled with little wisdom.

The fact that Aquarius partners always remain very good friends, they can easily get over the issues between them.

Aquarius Man & Aquarius Woman in Marriage


Despite the fact that Aquarians are generally considered too practical and emotionless, Aquarius man compatibility with an Aquarius woman is usually very high.

While it can take them a long time to make the decision of getting married, even after realizing their feelings for each other, they often make a perfect couple.

The amount of understanding they will have and the strength of their bond will supersede all other matches. This is because they have already spent a lot of time together and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses very well.

While most people find it hard to understand what an Aquarius man needs in a woman, an Aquarius woman knows that he does not want a typical wife.

Both Aquarius men and women want to be with someone who can be a real partner.

They want a friend, a fellow traveler, someone they can share their viewpoints, ideas, and experiences with, and a person they can fulfill all their crazy dreams with.

They appear cold and emotionless and may not verbally express their feelings as often as other signs do, but Aquarians are very thoughtful, caring, and supportive towards their partners.

A married Aquarius couple holds a great amount of appreciation for each other and highly value their relationship because they know that their partner knows them as well as they know themselves.

Having such a high level of understanding in a relationship is pure bliss and Aquarius partners know this.

Since Aquarians are often afraid of committing, they are generally seen as unreliable partners. However, the reality is completely different.

While there is no denying the fact that committing to a person is a very difficult decision for Aquarians, they make probably the best husbands when they do decide to marry. They are loyal, dependable, affectionate, and caring.

When two Aquarians decide to marry, it is most often a union of a lifetime because it is established that they must have taken the decision after a lot of thought and weighing its pros and cons.

The fact that Aquarians are first best friends and then romantic partners or husband and wife makes it a lot easier to overcome the differences whenever they arise and increase the Aquarius man and Aquarius woman love compatibility.

Aquarius Man & Aquarius Woman in Bed


A romantic relationship or a marriage between an Aquarius man and Aquarius woman is not only based on strong mental compatibility, they develop a strong and pleasant sexual compatibility as well.

Unlike others, Aquarians are primarily attracted to each other’s minds and thoughts. For them, physical beauty comes after mental compatibility.

However, bedroom usually comes in earlier in a relationship between two Aquarians as compared to other signs because they want to explore their compatibility from every aspect before deciding to settle in.

The love life of an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman can be unusual.

This is because on one hand, they are bold and not bothered about social restrictions and taboos, but on the other hand, they lack emotions and have a hard time expressing their feelings.

While Aquarius and Aquarius sexually will share a great chemistry at the beginning of their relationship, it can decline with time.

The lack of emotions coupled with the Aquarians’ innate characteristic of being distant can become the reason for lack of intimacy between Aquarius partners, especially as the initial excitement begins to fade.

In a long-term relationship between an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman, it is highly likely that the friendship or the intellectual connection they share take over their romantic relationship.

If you are not an Aquarius and are in relationship with an Aquarius man, you may take the reducing intimacy as one of the signs Aquarius man is over you, but this may not be true.

It generally happens in long-term relationships with an Aquarius because of their unique personality – they may get distant without any reason, just to enjoy some time alone.

The best way to deal with this problem is to be open and share your feelings and thoughts with each other.

While as an Aquarian, this will be difficult for you, but you have to do it if you are serious about the other person.

Also, you should try to keep that emotional and romantic bond alive whenever and in any way possible.

This could sometimes be as simple as revisiting the old times or recalling how you two initially fell for each other or something planned, like going on a trip.

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