Will an Aquarius Man Apologize After Upsetting You?

Updated September 9, 2023

Have you ever seen an Aquarius man apologize? If not, you are not in the minority. It is a rare sight to see the water bearer go down on his knees and beg your forgiveness.

Everybody makes mistakes and though it sucks to be the bad guy in any situation, if a person just owns up to their mistake and kiss and make up, a lot of problems would cease to exist.

Not so with an Aquarius man.

Aquarius men belong to one of the four Zodiac constellations whose natives are prideful and stubborn to a fault and have a singular inability to apologize.

It is silly to apologize for every little mistake and sometimes a person has to stand their ground, even if something didn’t pan out exactly they wanted it to.

However, an absolute lack of humility is also not a good trait and gives an indication that Aquarius men are not mature enough to take responsibility for their actions.

He Believes He Is Never Wrong

The Aquarius man considers himself the measure of morality. That means the very thought that they could be wrong will never enter their head. After all, they are the good guys.

The water bearers are some of the most vainglorious men in the planet. They think that if you are wrong in their mind, that’s just how things are going to be. It is either their way or the highway.

When it comes to forming an opinion or taking a stance, Aquarius men are all in – and they believe that everyone else should also follow the same manual.

They don’t understand that not everything is black and white and that there is a middle ground. You are either with them or against them.

This inability to see both sides of the coin can be very annoying to people who are in a relationship with Aquarius men. Aquarius men can seem quite controlling and a lot of times their partner would have to agree with them just to avoid an argument.

So if you are considering entering into a relationship with a water bearer, keep this thing in mind. You will not always – if ever – get your way if you get in a fight with an Aquarius man.

This also shows why Aquarius men do not commit easily to a relationship. They test their prospective partners for a long time to see if their views are compatible and if they are good enough to spend their life with an Aquarius man.

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He Resents the Implication They Are Wrong

Aquarius and apologies don’t go together. If you think you can just corner an Aquarius man and demand they apologize to you, you have another thing coming.

This air sign is very obstinate and if you find yourself on the other side of a fight, steel yourself. Proving your point and hoping an Aquarius man sees his mistake will be exhausting – if not an impossible – feat.

You see, an Aquarius man have a very profound vision of themselves and someone telling them they are wrong will tarnish this perfect image of themselves.

The very idea of a person blaming them for something is just repulsive because they can’t go around acting superior if people don’t place them on a pedestal.

The water bearers believe they have the straightest moral compass. They don’t like anyone else telling them they are wrong since in their mind, they are always Mr. Right.

They are so fixated on their own views that it is hard for them to understand the other side of the story.

Even if you make complete sense and give them evidence about the ways they have been wrong, their preconceived notions about their own infallibility will cement their perspective to the point that they won’t budge.

In fact, an Aquarius man after a fight will try to drag in his friends and family and push them into agreeing with him in an attempt to show you that he is in the right and the fault is your own.

Since an Aquarius man is also highly intelligent and cunning, he is a Houdini of not taking the blame.

Even if a situation was completely their fault, they are able to twist their role in it in such a way that their partner is the one who ends up apologizing.

Since they believe they are blamesless, they will become blameless in reality.

He Will Never Apologize First

Will an Aquarius man apologize first if he is wrong?

Good luck getting an upset Aquarius man to make the first move… even if deep down he knows that an apology is due.

Although the water bearer has dominant characteristics and take the lead in most aspects of his relationship, when it comes to apologizing, nothing could be further from the truth.

Since an Aquarius man believes he is the epitome of virtue and righteousness, they will never seek you out to apologize first – even if they feel a niggling that they could have messed up.

If an Aquarius man wronged you in some way, have fun going on a merry wild goose chase trying to track him down. The minute he realizes you are coming to confront him, he will pack his bags and vanished into thin air.

Owning up to their mistakes is practically the worst thing you can subject an Aquarius to and they simply hope that you will forget about the matter, given time.

To make this prayer come true, an Aquarius man may disappear and come back when he thinks your anger has cooled down.

They will also stop responding to your texts, and calls, and if you continue to badger them, they may disappear from your life for a long time, or even for good.

This also indicates that they were not secure in the relationship to begin it. It also further gives evidence that Aquarius men are free–spirited and if they feel pressured, they take out some time for themselves.

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He May Apologize for Small Things

All of these traits may make people believe that Aquarius men are cold-hearted and ruthless. However, that isn’t exactly true.

Aquarius men do want their partners to enjoy independence just like themselves and they do care. Governed by Uranus, Aquarius is the most humanitarian sign in the zodiac.

This means that they do have a heart. But, like all people in the world, they also have their weak points. Showing weakness and apologizing is the Achilles heel when it comes to the water bearer.

They don’t like to bend down for anyone. However, many water bearers may apologize over small things – things that are pretty inconsequential and do not have much bearing – if at all – in their relationships.

For example, if an Aquarius man arrives 15 minutes late for a date, he will probably have no problems apologizing. If he accidentally breaks your mug while helping you wash the dishes, he will say they are sorry.

That’s because for these tiny things, there aren’t much hurt feelings involved. And we know that Aquarius men and logical and don’t do well with emotions. So it doesn’t cost them anything to apologize for trivial things.

He May Never Apologize for Important Issues

However, getting an Aquarius man to say he is sorry for important issues is quite another matter altogether.

When their partner is legitimately upset about something, Aquarius men will have a very hard time saying sorry – usually because they do not understand why their partner is upset at all.

Caring as they are, Aquarius men are analytical beings and are not fond of overt displays of emotions. Even if they are sorry, they may not be able to express that.

It is just very hard for them to accept defeat when they can’t see they did anything wrong, regardless of whether a simple apology will make their partner feel better.

When they do hurt their partners feelings, they can sometimes work out they have been inconsiderate, and will be gentler with their partners, laugh with them, and may bring them a gift or two.

However, even in these cases, there is almost never a verbal statement of “I was wrong and I am sorry.”

Being considerate is how Aquarius men apologize.

This is how they learn to compromise when they are in a relationship that they want to last for a long time. It may not be something they particularly like to do but they realize that give and take are both necessary in a relationship.

They can’t always have their cake and eat it too.

It is this fear of losing face which is also another reason why they take forever to commit to a relationship.

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When He Apologizes, He Does It From The Heart

You will almost never catch an Aquarius saying sorry. That is because they are honest people and do not do insincere apologies.

When an Aquarius man apologizes, understand that he is saying it with his heart – despite it being very difficult for him.

Water bearers can be deeply sorry when they realize that their actions hurt their partner. But they cannot deal with stirred up emotions. In fact, it just makes them cold and aloof.

They would rather pretend that nothing happened at all and they want their partners to forgive and forget so that they can move on with their lives.

Some Aquarius men may absolutely refuse to apologize when they are in their immature phase of life. Later, apologizing to their partners may come more easily to them – but just to their partners.

If you feel that you deserve an apology, a neat trick is to ghost on your Aquarius man. If he values you enough, it will set him straight and get an apology out of him.

However, this tactic doesn’t work every time.

When an Aquarius says sorry, it is a novel and rare experience. Relish it since you may never see this side of your partner again.

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