What Happens After an Aquarius Man Breaks Up with You?

What Happens After an Aquarius Man Breaks Up with You?

An Aquarius man after breakup can be highly unconventional unpredictable, and detached.

Governed by Uranus, the planet of freedom, new experience, and revolutionary vision, an Aquarius man is very high maintenance and may have high demands of their romantic partners.

Aquarius men are highly logical, rebellious, and philanthropic in nature but there are some tickers, like rigidness, bigotry, and perceived lack of respect that can make him give you the boot.

Some other big triggers that can prompt an Aquarius man to break up with you are if you try to rein in his independence, attempt to push him around, and dishonesty.

Since they are also very intelligent and loyal, their partners often wonder what kind of behavior they can expect after a break up and what they can do to get an Aquarius man back.

He Will Protect His Heart From Damage


The one thing people need to understand is that an Aquarius man does not commit to a relationship lightly and if you hurt his feelings, be ready for some unexpected consequences.

Don’t expect an Aquarius man to tell you what is making him say goodbye to you. But you will definitely know that you did something wrong as he will start to give you the cold shoulder.

Becoming aloof and distant and creating an icy wall around their heart towards their ex-partner resulting in the silent treatment is a signature Aquarius man move. This indifferent and cold attitude can be very belitting as they tend to delete their ex-lovers completely from their lives.

This includes throwing away any gifts that were once received and even destroying their pictures together, as they don’t handle sentiments and emotions very well.

A lot of people have the question “Do Aquarius move on fast.” The answer to this is yes. Since Aquarius men are highly independent, they will not look back once they have decided to end a relationship.

Once he is out of your life, you most probably won’t hear from an Aquarius man ever again. However, since they themselves are very picky when it comes to entering into relationships, he will not find love again very easily either.

He Will Get His Revenge


Aquarius men have analytical minds and do not give in easily to displays of emotions. They have a very cool and logical outlook towards work, life, family, friends, and yes, even their lovers.

If a person makes the mistake of betraying or angering an Aquarius man, he will not be in any hurry to take his revenge. This may make some ex-partners believe they have been forgiven, but they can’t be more wrong.

Even though Aquarius men do not usually hold long grudges, if they are angered enough, they will always remember any wrong done to them – and if pushed by their ex-partners they will show no hesitation in displaying their dark side.

Typically, an Aquarius man’s form of revenge is to give their ex-partners a tongue-lashing that can blow them away. He can become extremely ruthless, mean and malicious.

When this happens, these men don’t care whether they are alone or are causing a scene. They will scream at you, bring up all the wrongs you have done to them during your relationship and the situation can get quite ugly.

Once all the pent-up steam has been unleashed and their anger subsides, they will let their ex-partners know how severely disappointed in them there were. This is one of the sure signs that an Aquarius man is over you.

If the situation escalates to this level, so much damage has been done that you can simply banish the illusion that an Aquarius man wants to be friends after break up.

He Will Analyze the Situation in a Logical Way


A lot of times most Aquarius man are not fully invested in a relationship anyway. That doesn’t mean they will cheat on their partners. It just means that they were probably not that into you since the beginning.

So when an Aquarius man breaks up with you, they will view it in a logical, impersonal and emotionally-detached way. They will think up ways about why the relationship didn’t pan out and accept it.

Because of this laid-back, blasé attitude, a lot of partners may believe that an Aquarius man is insensitive and doesn’t care at all. However, that isn’t completely true.

It just means that Aquarius men are quick to accept the reality of the situation and do not let themselves wallow in pity or other types of sentiments as they believe it will not serve them well in the way that they think matters.

They may experience a few days of hurt and insecurity, but in a couple of days, they realize that they are worth so much more – and you are not worth their time at all. After all, the blame for the break up rests 100% on the shoulders of their ex-partner.

He Will Surround Himself With Close Friends


Friendship is an important factor in the life of an Aquarius man. He cares very deeply about his friends. In fact, any partner that an Aquarius man chooses will first need to become his friend.

Since an Aquarius man thinks he himself is the measure of morality, he has his own ideas of right and wrong and he expects his friends – that includes his lover – to conform to them as well.

If a partner steps over the line, an Aquarius man will be angry and hurt but if you have proven to be a true friend, he will likely not immediately discard you. However, if you have angered him in an irreconcilable way, he will abandon you immediately.

An Aquarius getting over someone will seek the company of other friends and find peace with them.

In fact, even before a break up actually happens, and a partner notices that their Aquarius man is spending more time with his other friends, it could be a sign that he is thinking about ending things.

Another thing about an Aquarius man is that they will also likely gossip and spread rumors about their ex-lovers in their friend’s circle. This is also another form of revenge and can be pretty humiliating and damaging for the exes.

He Will Also Need Space If You Want Him Back


One of the common questions women ask is that “an Aquarius man dumped me, will he come back?” Remember that Aquarius man will ignore you at first since you are the source of his anger.

Don’t lose hope though. There may be a few things that can make an Aquarius man come back to you.

One thing that you absolutely must not do is to push him to forgive you and beg him to come back to you. This type of behavior is considered unbecoming by Aquarius men and you will probably lose any chance of getting him back.

Your best strategy for winning back an Aquarius man is to just let them go for the time being. Trying to cling on to an Aquarius man will drive them even further from you. Worse, if you get hysterical and try to play the blame game, it will only arouse their contempt.

However, an Aquarius man may appreciate you giving him his space. If you part on amicable terms, getting an Aquarius man back may be easier. However, this is still not a surefire way to get them.

Can You Win Back An Aquarius Man?


If you are wondering how to reconcile with an Aquarius man, remember that they are most often set in their ways and if you did not part on friendly terms, good luck getting him to forgive you and taking you back.

This means that if he has made up his mind to be finished with you, he will maintain his stance and no matter what you say or do will not make an iota of difference to him.

If you and he were both immature at the time of the break up, or if you were not certain about the relationship and parted from each other in a friendly way, there may be a chance of reconciliation. It usually depends on how much you liked each other.

In time, he may decide to become your friend again. However, this in no ways means that he will be ready to become something more. However, it may be better for some people to just have him as a friend than not have him in your life at all.

If your friendship maintains over a long time, you may try to gain access to his heart again through a back door and see if there is potential for romance. However, the likelihood of this happening is often slim to none.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that it is completely impossible and you shouldn’t try at all.

Since Aquarius men are natives of a star sign that is prone to unexpected reversals, you may find he is ready to give you a second chance and get back together again with you just when you least expect it.

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