April 28 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

Updated January 6, 2023
April 28 Zodiac (Taurus) Horoscope & Info

April 28 birthdays fall under the sign of Taurus. People born on April 28 are in the first decan of this sign.

They are romantic, hard-working, creative, and abundant. April 28 Taurus people can be loyal friends.

April 28 Taurus people are reliable. Taurus is an earth sign, and people born on April 28 are practical, determined, and patient.

Taurus people can be nurturing and affectionate. They are financially savvy and can be great business leaders and entrepreneurs; Venus, planet of beauty and love, rules this sign.

People born on April 28 are protective, caring, and generous. They can be materialistic, but they share their abundance with their loved ones.

April 28 Info
DateApril 28
SignTaurus ♉︎
StrengthsPatient, Loyal, Devoted
WeaknessesStubborn, Jealous, Possessive
Opposite signScorpio ♏︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchAquarius, Gemini, Libra
Tarot birth cardsThe Hierophant, Temperance
Angel number5
Spirit animalsChinchilla, Ant, Pig


The Taurus horoscope is successful because they are tenacious and hard working. They can be patient and set a solid foundation for growth. They are great providers in relationships as well.

People born on April 28 have an artist’s eye for beauty, yet they are also practical and sensible. They bring beauty and comfort to their home and office. They can be great cooks, bakers, hosts, decorators, and designers.

April 28 Taurus people want their surroundings to be luxurious, but conducive to work. They are efficient and enjoy being busy working on various projects.

You can’t rush a Taurus; they need to move slowly and take their time. They seem to procrastinate, but they are waiting for the right time to put effort into their goals. Taurus’ personality can be cautious and rational.

April 28 Taurus people are ambitious but hold back and suppress their impulses. They are sensual and pay attention to their physical instincts. They take cues from their bodies. They often hold stress as tension or pain in their bodies.


The sign of the bull is here on a mission to bring beauty and security to others. They are nurturers and healers who help others find confidence and self-love.

People born on April 28 are here to ensure others know their worth. They have firm boundaries and are often role models in relationships. They can be nurturing and protective.

The April 28 birthday zodiac sign is here to establish a comfortable foundation for their friends, family, and loved ones to thrive. They help others find the beauty in life and can be practical problem-solvers.

Taurus people born under the April 28 sign are excellent counselors, decorators, photographers, craftspeople, artists, businesspeople, and financial advisors. They are here to help you build toward success and achievement.

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Positive Traits

April 28 Taurus people are caring, nurturing, and generous. They are attractive and can be sensible and romantic. They have many positive attributes that make them endearing to others.

People born on April 28 know how to encourage others without being demanding. They are patient and help you strive for quality. They are honest yet diplomatic.

People born under the sign of Taurus are attentive caretakers. They feel responsible for feeding and caring for others. They can be affectionate and are always loyal.

Negative Traits

What are Taurus’ toxic traits? April 28 Taurus people have some negative traits which stem from their strengths. They are patient, but their persistence leads them to be stubborn. Taurus is inflexible and needs to have their way.

Taurus people are also jealous in love. They become possessive of people when they care. Taurus acts this way because they have firm boundaries and see others as theirs to protect.

April 28 Taurus can be overbearing in relationships. Their insecurities can lead to jealousy. They don’t trust and can test you before they open their hearts, alienating potential partners.


April 28 Taurus compatibility is best with the water signs, Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. Practical and sensual Taurus needs the sensitivity and emotional vulnerability of the water signs.

Scorpio and Taurus are opposites on the zodiac wheel, and their attraction is enhanced by the tension between these two. Scorpio is mysterious and enigmatic, which keeps Taurus fascinated.

Taurus and Scorpio share a love of wealth, success, and ambition. They are a perfect couple in romance and business.

People born on April 28 share Cancer’s domestic desires and love of home and family. This pair creates a serene, romantic home life; both nurture each other and avoid drama. Cancer brings intuition and emotional sensitivity to Taurus.

Taurus helps Cancer stay grounded. The sign of the bull can also encourage Cancer to be more assertive. They are an ideal match for marriage.

April 28 Taurus people help inspire Pisces to stand up for themselves and set boundaries. Pisces help Taurus become more spiritual and imaginative. These two are a great romantic match.

Taurus is not a perfect match in romance for everybody. The least compatible signs for Taurus are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Taurus compatibility requires some common ground, but the air signs are too idealistic.

Taurus needs consistency and predictability. They won’t find these traits in rebellious and dramatic Aquarius. Aquarius continually shocks Taurus with their erratic personality.

April 28 Taurus people also find Gemini too inconsistent. Gemini’s flirty nature and sense of humor make this sign seem frivolous to serious Taurus.

Taurus wants stability, but Gemini wants to have fun and learn new things. These two repel each other and have no common ground.

People born on April 28 are likely to repel Libra as well. Though Venus is the planetary ruler for both, Libra is imaginative and playful. Taurus is guarded and practical. Neither satisfies the other.


April 28 Taurus people are honest, direct, and polite. They have a gift for diplomacy yet they don’t sugarcoat the truth. They deliver their message with tact and efficiency.

They prefer texting to other forms of communication. Taurus people find it easier to convey their meaning without the distraction of emotion and body language.

Taurus born on April 28 can be in too much of a hurry to give long-winded explanations. They send clear, concise messages and assume you can understand them.


April 28 Taurus people are attractive, with Venus as their ruling planet. They are considered beautiful and take care to always look their best before leaving the house.

They have high standards for others and are turned off by sloppy appearances. You can attract an April 28 Taurus by dressing fashionably and looking your best. Avoid excessive makeup; Taurus prefers natural beauty.

April 28 Taurus people are found in art classes, comfortable coffee houses, shopping centers, banks, and business networking events. You can run into someone born on April 28 if you frequent places that offer artistic scenery but comfortable accommodations.


Ideal Taurus dates involve beauty and luxury. They enjoy trips to the art museum and shows at a unique theater, such as a renovated church or school. They love historic buildings and prefer traditional dates.

Romantic restaurants with dim lighting and soft music are perfect for Taurus. Skip the noisy taverns. People born on April 28 want privacy and quiet.

April 28 Taurus people love dates involving formal attire. Take them dancing or invite them to an upscale gala. People born on April 28 enjoy going out to venues associated with power and prestige.


April 28 Taurus people are compassionate and loving. They show their feelings in pragmatic ways rather than displaying emotion overtly. They can be encouraging and inspiring.

Taurus people born on April 28 are charming and sentimental. When a Taurus loves you, they’ll show you in concrete ways. They spend money on you and surprise you with gifts.

This is no small task for an April 28 Taurus. Usually, people born on this date are frugal. When a Taurus starts spending money on dates and gifts, they are showing you they care.

April 28 Taurus people have a jealous streak as well. When they want to show you they love you, they may question who you’ve been with. Before getting defensive, remember they are possessive when they fear losing someone.


April 28 Taurus people take their time to settle into relationships. When they finally make it official and define the relationship, they may approach this milestone like a business agreement.

They make their plans, expectations, and boundaries known. A Taurus person may even show up at your house with a list of ground rules for the relationship.

But once you get past this awkward transition, April 28 Taurus people have a lot to offer. They are loyal, devoted, and attentive. They support you financially and invest in your dreams.


Taurus people born on April 28 are slow to warm up in love. Yet once they commit to a relationship, they are eager to marry. They want to spend the rest of their lives with you.

April 28 Taurus people care for the home and family when married. They are excellent providers and are also protective of their loved ones. They thrive on consistency and avoid change.

Though Taurus needs routines to feel secure, they are also receptive to romance. They keep the love alive in the relationship and appreciate reminders of your admiration.


April 28 Taurus people are sensual and passionate in the bedroom. They are among the lustier of those born under the sign of the bull. People born on April 28 are patient in bed and prefer prolonged foreplay.

They are not kinky and tend to opt for traditional forms of intimacy. Yet if you let them take their time, they gradually become more receptive to new things in the bedroom.

People born on April 28 have a moderate to higher than the average sex drive. They prefer emotional connection and security before letting their guard down, but they can maintain friends-with-benefits relationships.

Taurus born on April 28 are attentive lovers and expect affection and pampering in return. They can be cautious and need to trust you before exploring intimacy.

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