April 24 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated September 17, 2023

What sign is April 24? People born on this day are Taureans. They are born in the first decan of Taurus.

These Taureans tend to express typical Taurus traits. They are consistent, reliable, and grounded but can also be extremely stubborn!

Venus rules Taurus, and the first decan has no subruler. The influence of Venus makes Taurus an incredibly sensual sign. They can also be romantic and very loving toward the people they care about.

Taureans born on April 24 are reliable. You can always trust them to be honest and follow their promises. They hate letting others down.

These Taureans must be careful not to let their stubborn nature get the best of them. They can develop strong relationships with others, but their stubbornness can also get in the way of their relationships.

April 24 Info
DateApril 24
SignTaurus ♉︎
StrengthsReliable, Grounded, Consistent
WeaknessesStubborn, Inflexible, Pushy
Opposite signScorpio ♏︎
Best matchCancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Worst matchAquarius, Gemini, Libra
Tarot birth cardsThe Magician, Wheel of Fortune
Angel number1
Spirit animalsBuffalo, Pig, Elephant


The April 24 horoscope is a typical Taurus horoscope in many ways. These Taureans are incredibly reliable.

If they make a promise, they will follow through on it. They won’t make plans or say they’ll do something unless they intend on doing it.

These Taureans enjoy being comfortable. They like to establish a routine and tend to stick to it. These Taureans tend to feel out of sorts when things don’t go according to plan.

They are incredibly consistent. These Taureans stick to their values and beliefs and are incredibly honest. If they tell you one thing, they will tell everyone else the same thing.

These Taureans have a strong ability to connect with other people and form solid relationships. Their stubborn nature needs to be moderated, though. They won’t be able to maintain their relationships if they can’t learn how to be flexible.


An April 24 Taurus’ purpose is to become more self-aware. These Taureans can sometimes walk through the world with blinders on. They settle into a routine and don’t always think to question whether or not things could be different.

These Taureans can bond with others better when they know themselves. They sometimes need to step out of their comfort zones to achieve their full potential.

These Taureans need to rise above their stubborn, inflexible nature. They will not be able to maintain bonds with their loved ones if they can’t learn how to compromise.

These Taureans will go further in life when they can learn how to question their own beliefs. They will become stuck if they can’t do that.

Positive Traits

The April 24 personality is incredibly grounded and consistent. These Taureans know how to follow through once they start something.

Stability and strength are some positive Taurus traits that these Taureans have. They can comfort others and stabilize them when they are feeling unstable.

These Taureans know how to stand up for what they believe. They will always defend their loved ones and stick by their values. It is not easy to change their minds, which can be beneficial sometimes!

These Taureans always try to care for their loved ones. They strongly desire to provide for people and can be extremely generous.

Negative Traits

The Taurus personality is known for being stubborn. Taureans born on this day definitely possess this negative Taurus trait!

In some cases, it’s good to stand by your beliefs. These Taureans won’t be easily swayed if someone tries to convince them to change their values. Refusing to listen to other ideas isn’t always good, though.

These Taureans need to learn how to be more flexible. They must learn how to listen to other people, get out of their comfort zones, and sometimes question their beliefs.

It is okay to change their minds when presented with new information, and they should be open to that!


The best match for a Taurus born on this day is Scorpio. Scorpio has a strong personality. While the relationship between Taurus and Scorpio can be intense sometimes, it will be highly beneficial for Taurus.

Scorpio will not allow Taurus to get stuck in their comfort zone. Scorpio can be just as stubborn as Taurus, and they will push Taurus to take off their blinders and learn more about the world.

Cancer and Pisces are also excellent matches for Taurus. Pisces can help Taurus gain new experiences and learn new things. Cancer is compassionate and supportive and will be able to help Taurus handle their emotions.

The worst match for Taurus is Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra. Taurus is a sign that craves stability. Air signs tend to be ever-changing, and Taurus likely won’t be able to maintain a strong bond with them.


Taurus typically has a very direct communication style. First decan Taureans aren’t always chatty or social but are honest and straightforward.

If these Taureans make a promise, they will keep it. If they tell you details about themselves, you can trust that it’s true. They see no point in lying, especially to people they are close with.

These Taureans sometimes have difficulty listening to views other than their own. They will listen to their friends when they need support, but they can sometimes be closed off about new ideas or beliefs that oppose theirs.


Taurus is an extremely sensual sign. The influence of Venus means that beauty and aesthetics are important to Taurus too.

Taureans tend to be attracted to people who take care of their appearances. They prefer people who are physically fit and who have good hygiene.

Wearing well-fit clothing and drawing attention to your best features is the way to catch a Taurean’s eye.

Taureans aren’t shallow, though. They need more than beauty to stick with someone! They are also attracted to compassion, reliability, and support. They are looking for someone who can help them stay grounded.


Taureans don’t always enjoy casual dating. It takes them a while to trust people and become comfortable with them.

Taureans would rather dedicate their time to getting to know one person rather than spreading themselves thin by dating multiple people.

Taureans enjoy the finer things in life, and their dating preferences reflect this! They tend to plan dates to fine restaurants, wineries, and other places they can indulge their senses.

If you want to impress a Taurus, take them somewhere nice. Get dressed up and try to show them a good time. Even if you can’t take them somewhere expensive, you can plan a nice picnic and relax with some delicious food.


Taurus’ love language is physical touch or gift-giving. These love languages are both ways Taureans born on this day may express their love.

Taurus likes nice things, and they also enjoy sharing those things with others. Taurus sometimes gets a reputation for being materialistic, but they aren’t greedy. They like to show love with their generosity.

Physical affection is also important to these Taureans. They are extremely sensual and like to be physically close with the people they care about.

These Taureans aren’t clingy, but they will enjoy snuggling up on the couch after a long day or walking hand-in-hand while they hike with their partner.


Taureans need stable relationships with reliable partners to have a healthy, happy relationship.

It can take a while for Taurus to trust someone enough to commit to them. Taureans don’t always like being vulnerable and will only open up to people they trust entirely.

When in a relationship, Taureans often need to learn how to compromise. They cannot always be stubborn and refuse to listen to their partner’s views. They must be open to their partner’s ideas if they want to make the relationship last.

Taureans often enjoy being in a relationship with Scorpio because of their loyalty. Whoever they are with, these Taureans need a dedicated and faithful partner. They must be able to trust their partner.


Taureans take commitment seriously. They want to find love, but they also think things through. They aren’t as likely to jump into marriage without thinking as their fellow Venus-ruled sign, Libra, is.

These Taureans are very reliable and stable spouses. They will stick to their marriage vows and always do their best to make their marriage work. They won’t run off at the first sign of trouble.

Again, compromise is important for these Taureans. They won’t be able to make their marriage work if they can’t get over their stubborn nature. They must learn how to be a little more flexible.


Taureans tend to enjoy sex. It is another way to indulge their senses and have a good time.

This is also another area where Taureans can get stuck in a routine. They like being comfortable and typically do the same things they like repeatedly.

This will be fine if Taurus is with a partner who also enjoys routine. If they have a more adventurous partner, they will need to learn how to get out of their comfort zone now and then.

Taureans have great boundaries during sex. They always try to be clear about what sex means as well. They will never assume sex means someone loves them, and they won’t pretend they love someone just to have sex.

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